Department of Energy, LDA Thermal Project

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In spring of 2015 FECC, Inc. completed one of the largest LDA thermal projects for the Department of Energy. Field work for the deep soil mixing project was at the Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) 1, also known as the C-747-C Oil Landfarm. The purpose of the project was to remove organic solvents from the soil down to a depth of approximately 60 feet. The remedial action used a large crawler crane and drilling platform to turn an 8-foot diameter auger to a depth of 60 feet, while injecting steam and hot air. Off gas from the drilling project was captured by a 12-foot diameter containment shroud over the boring that is under vacuum. Off gas was treated to remove volatile organics using carbon filtration systems, before being discharged to the environment. After the steam injection was completed, an iron slurry mixture was injected throughout the boring to treat any residual volatile organic solvents. The iron mixture will continue to react with any remaining residual contamination for months into the future. The entire treatment area at the Oil Landfarm covered 262 eight foot diameter borings.